By: Michael John Stanley

It was 108 degrees Tuesday in Riverside…seriously? As I began to write this, the power went out and a severe thunderstorm came rolling in! Meanwhile, I just kept typing away in the dark as the outside world comes to an end! 🙂

After getting up early all weekend for early morning runs, I slept in Monday and considered just skipping my run since it was so stinkin HOT! Then, when 9:30PM rolled around, I felt that heavy, worked all day, stressed out feeling that only a nice blow-out middle distance run can cure. Then to top it off, one of my running buddies said she just did a five miler and although it was hot, she felt great and was cooling down! So I checked the temp outside and it was now down to chilly 90 degrees! So on went the shoes, the Jenner shorty shorts, and my reflective Amphipod Xinglet!

After busting out an easy 7-miles at 7-minute pace, I was overheating but felt a lot better!

Ever since doing Ragnar earlier this year, I’ve had a night run back up plan for when the heat gets crazy by using the headlamp and the ultra reflective Amphipod Xinglet they made me wear. It actually works pretty well, and I can hear cars behind me actually slowing down more than they would during the day, which is slightly comforting. But the bottom line is, I can still function within normal operating parameters without overheating…and that is better than skipping!

Obviously, morning is the way to go when the heat gets crazy, but I’m curious what you do when mornings are not possible?