Ventura Beach Party Schedule

2016 Ventura Beach Party Schedule of Events


Ventura Beach Party Saturday, 10 AM-6PM

10-11:30 AM-  Roadside Shoes 

Rock band with great energy playing rockin’ tunes from the 70s – today.  Classic rock, R & B, blues, alternative, Floyd, Petty, CCR, Sublime, Cult, Stone Temple Pilots, high energy songs to dance and rock out to.

12-1:30 PM- SunniePaxson

The band is spearheaded by SUNNIE PAXSON who is is an innovative contemporary jazz pianist, composer, producer and performer. She is known for her driving performances and memorable melodies.  The band plays a fusion of jazz, tropical and urban grooves. See interview link, HERE.

2-3:30 PM – Rising Son

Reggae band out of Southern Cali, playing everything from country roots to live dub. Positive sounds and vibes!

4-5:30 PM – The Few

The Few are a hard rock band based out of Los Angeles, CA. We deliver aggressive and melodic riffs, dynamically hard hitting beats, and artfully melodious vocals. We have a wide range of influences and comparable sound to such bands as Sound Garden, Faith No More, Metallica, and even Pearl Jam. We perform exciting original music and great hits from the past several decades that everyone know and enjoy. Please give us a chance and our professional demeanor and experience will make any venues job easier. Please contact us for further information and an expanded portfolio and calendar of past and future events.



Ventura Beach Party Sunday, 9am-3pm 

9-10:30 AM – Paul Mars Black

Over the years I have worked as a drummer, a singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and an actor. I’ve worked and played with many famous musicians including Stephen Tyler, Guns’n Roses, Cherie Curry and more.  I’ve had the privilege of touring the world several times in both international bands and as a solo artist.

In the early 90’s I was awarded two gold records for work I did as a singer and songwriter in L.A. Guns.  In the late 90’s I started my own recording studio and record label (Black City Music) where I spent time producing younger up and coming bands.  I also spent time at Black City Music writing and producing movie soundtracks.

In 2005 I rejoined L.A. Guns for a 20th anniversary reunion tour with the original members. The two year tour was successful and along the way I received favorable reviews in magazines including Rolling Stone, Spin, Guitar World, and Italian Vogue. I also did many radio and TV appearances. I’ve spent the last 5 years performing with my old bands the Mau Maus and Black Cherry as well as new groups Stereo, Naked Hand Dance, Sonic Boom. and Black and Bart. My current band, Sonic Boom with Jo Almeida on guitar has earned international recognition with our release of Sun Down Yellow Moon. Jo and I are currently writing and recording a new record to be released this year.

In May, 2016 I received my bachelors of Music degree in Commercial Media Composition from Cal State Northridge. I am currently scoring music for films, writing songs and performing solo acoustic shows.

11 AM-12:30 PM – Lightnin’ Willie

Bluesman Lightnin’ Willie has a distinctive approach to his music. The sound is an irresistible blend of tradition and spontaneous creativity, with a deliciously insidious emphasis on the groove. It is a compelling, hard swinging brand of blues that, whenever he performs, packs the floor—his audience can’t not dance.

A guitarist of impressive facility, a vocalist of coolly stylish authority and a composer of persuasive original blues that both extend and enhance the idiom, Willie’s music has a rare individualistic quality. It is at once airy and full of open space yet also loaded with earthy, intense emotion, and as featured on his new Pete Anderson produced album Lightnin’ Willie, it showcases a master at the top of his game.

Lightnin’ Willie operates at a high altitude in the wild blues yonder, and his impressive reach is the result of a near lifelong musical journey. Barely out of his teens, the Texas-born musician toured the Southern chitlin circuit as the only white member of an R&B-funk band, absorbing a powerful dose of deep insider information, rich both in technique and spirit. Gigging as a solo headliner for almost three decades, Willie has gone from low down beer joints to become a staple on the international festival circuit, with plenty of wild stops along the way, from London’s Royal Albert Hall to Willie Nelson’s infamous 4th of July Picnic, where he appeared alongside Willie, Bob Dylan and Leon Russell.

The always dapper Lightnin’ Willie, consistently genuine, never flashy, boundlessly entertaining, is reliably a high-quality blues powerhouse who makes new fans with every performance. He brings an elegantly juxtaposed blend of influences to the bandstand—from T Bone Walker to the Kings, BB & Albert and Muddy Waters, with whom he frequently consorted in Chicago—and in Willie’s hand’s, the blues are a sinuous, lissome, high-voltage force loaded with soulful depth and an almost alchemical appeal.

These attributes have won him stacks of enthusiastic praise from the international press, landed his original tunes on numerous film and television soundtracks and with the arrival of Lightnin’ Willie, his eighth release, expect Lightnin’ Willie and his brilliant Biggest Little Band on Earth, comprised of keyboardist-bassist Michael Murphy (Stevie Nicks, Joe Walsh, Swamp Dogg), drummer Jerry Olsen (Lowell Fulson, Charlie Musselwhite) to elevate the blues into a new stratospheric dimension.

1-2:30 PM – goCcal

goCcal is a band from Los Angeles, California formed by late 2012. goCcal is Johnny Love (Vocals, Sax), Corey Naughton (Vocals, Guitar), James Hopkins (Bass), Chris Taylor (Vocals, Drums), Mavis Senescu (Keys), and Danny Rivera (Percussion). All of the members of goCcal have had many years of experience playing in bands locally and touring. The wide variety of influences in the band has led to a diverse an unique sound of reggae, ska, rock, rap, funk, soul, blues and country.

goCcal has recently put out their first CD. This collection of songs is called “Live Studio Cuts” and consists of 10 songs recorded all live in the studio. The songs range from slower tempo as in “What You See” to up-tempo tunes like “Hola” which infuses ska music and rap vocals for an infectious blend. When the CD was complete it was sent to college and public radio stations. Soon after that, the adds started to pop up. Then the plays started to come from stations like KKUP 91.5 in Cuppertino and KUCI 88.9 in Irvine. The future is bright for goCcal. Be sure and check out the band when they come to the Ventura Beach Party!