Sweet Potato BitesWords: Allie Fisher

Allie Fisher is an Orange County-based runner who loves the half marathon and 10K distance. When she’s not running, she’s sharing her healthy recipes and restaurant reviews on her food blog, Sweet Potato Bites.

In my last fit fuel post, I shared some of the best foods to eat before a run, but what you eat after a run is just as important.

Post-run recovery foods are crucial to help repair your glycogen stores and assist in muscle recovery. Most experts recommend that you try and refuel with a healthy combo of protein and carbs within 30 minutes after you run.

I generally run in the morning, so many of my recovery foods are breakfast foods, but these will work at any time of day.

breakfastgreen protein smoothieOatmeal: When I trained for my first half marathon, my post-run recovery meal was always a bowl of oatmeal with some peanut butter for added protein. Other great oatmeal add-ins include chopped nuts, egg whites and fresh berries or a banana.

Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt is packed with protein and is a great way to get a nice balance of protein and carbs after a run. I like to add fresh fruit or chopped nuts to my Greek yogurt for a little extra boost.

Avocado: Being a native Californian, I love avocados and have at least half an avocado almost every day. Avocado toast is a simple meal that has a nice balance of fat and carbs to enjoy after a long run. Pair it with a couple of eggs and you are set!

Chicken: Chicken is a great source of lean protein and when paired with some carbs such as sweet potatoes, rice or pasta, it makes an excellent post-run meal. A lot of my evening runs end with chicken and potatoes.

Bananas: A simple banana with some peanut butter can make a great post-run snack, but if you are like me and not the biggest fan of bananas by themselves, freeze some and use them in a smoothie with a little bit of protein powder and almond milk for post-run recovery.

Milk: I personally do not digest milk well so I always use almond milk, but studies have shown that a glass of milk (or chocolate milk!) is great for post-run recovery.

What are your favorite post-run meals or recovery foods? Any recipes you swear by? Comment on Facebook.