Training on the treadmill or trainer can be mentally tough. The scenery never changes, and your cadence can feel weird or unnatural. Many people prefer training outside, but when circumstances force you inside, use these tips from athletes in the nuun’iverse to stay motivated.

Focus on something entertaining.

A TV show, a movie, a rocking playlist… the goal is to get lost in it so the miles fly by.

  • Scott: “Sports on TV gets me through my miles. Keeps me distracted and before i know it I’m done.”
  • Ieasa: “I make sure I’m on the treadmill during a TV show I normally watch. The goal to watch the whole show is a good distraction. Plus I’m not at home watching it on the couch.”
  • Melorie: “Good ole reggae dancehall music keeps the feet moving!”
  • Tricia: “Netflix! I only let myself watch breaking bad if I’m running on [the treadmill]!”
  • Christy: “I once did 18 miles on a treadmill while on a cruise ship and the whale watching made those miles really fly!”
  • Kyle: “I cover the timer and put on views/videos of scenic locations!”

Focus on your goals.

  • Don: “Always have a purpose—speed work, muscular endurance intervals, tempo, etc. No random runs.”
  • Vivian: “I imagine the announcer saying “Vivian you are an Ironman!””
  • Debra: “I run for charity miles. My team is team red white & blue. You can’t help but be inspired to run for our awesome veterans. When I don’t feel like getting on the treadmill I think of what my running can accomplish for someone who can’t run. A whole new perspective.”
  • Brad: “I think about the days when i was too heavy to run. My past self is my motivation.”

Run with friends if you can.

  • Bradley: “I enjoy running on the treadmill with friends at the gym so we can talk and have a friendly competition. It makes it enjoyable.”

Of course, some prefer to head outside, no matter the weather!

  • Nick: “I stay far away from them, hopping out in the elements instead!”

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