Riverside 5K Four-Pack

NEW! At the Riverside Reindeer Run, bring the whole pack and run with the herd.

Now offering the Riverside 5K Four-Pack. Purchase a Four-Pack and receive 4 entries to the Riverside Reindeer Run 5K at a discounted rate. Round up the family, gather your run squad or bring your besties and get running!

Only $160 – that’s $20 off!

How to Purchase a Riverside 5K Four-Pack:

  1. One person will register themselves for the Riverside 5K Four-Pack HERE and set up a group on the first page of registration.

  2. This person will pay the registration fee. If you will be splitting the fee with others it is your responsibility to settle payments,

  3. Once this person is registered and the group is set up, you can register the remaining people or they can register themselves. They must join your group.

  4. For the remaining members, they will register for the Riverside 5K Four-Pack (NOT THE 5K) and will need to join the group that the first person set up when registering.

  5. Each group allows for 4 members and once 4 members have registered the group will be set and will not allow anyone else to join that team. You can set a password for the group to keep it secure if you wish.