LaceUp x Ventura Double Medal

Looking to earn even more bling? Challenge yourself and earn a double medal!

LaceUp x Ventura Double Medal

1. Run any 2020 Ventura Marathon weekend race and any 2020 LaceUp race to receive a double medal.

2. Runners who register for either race will receive a $5 discount code to register for the other race

(Yes, it’s that easy)


Are you running the LaceUp Challenge?
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ventura double medal*2020 Double Medal Coming Soon!


Things to know: 

– You may run different distances at each location
– You must finish each race in order to be eligible for the challenge
– You can pick up your double medal at either Ventura, Riverside or Palos Verdes (after you complete the challenge)
– Runners will be automatically entered into this double medal challenge if running both races
– Discount codes will be sent in runner confirmation emails
– It is the runner’s responsibility to stop by the double medal tent to pick up their medal after the race. Medals will not be shipped



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