Tops Reasons to Wear Fa-la-la Fashion at the Riverside Reindeer Run

1) This is a Holiday Race
There are plenty of races throughout the year that only focus on competition. Racing in December gives you the opportunity to revel in the holiday spirit and really enjoy your run. Jingle bells, ugly sweaters, garland and bows are sure to put you in the holiday spirit and have you prancing effortlessly through the finish line.

2) Get More Cheers!
Fans, volunteers and race organizers (like us) love to watch people in fun costumes. People wearing costumes are unscientifically proven to receive 60% more cheers from spectators during their runs. Cheers usually result in a boost of energy and enthusiasm that will make your entire race even more enjoyable.

3) Stand Out From the Herd
Everyone at the Riverside Reindeer Run receives a free pair of antlers or a Santa Hat. If you want to stand out from this happy herd, you are going to have to put a little effort into it. LaceUp may have your headgear covered, but there is still a lot of outfit left to work with.

4) Have an Excuse
Every time we find ourselves at the start line; there is always a little voice deep inside that hopes we will get yet another PR. Let’s face it; runners are PR junkies. But despite even our best training efforts, sometimes a PR doesn’t happen for myriad reasons. If, for some reason, you should come up short on your fastest dash yet blaming a costume malfunction is the perfect excuse. Blast that darn costume!

5) Have More Fun
We don’t need to tell you. Costumes are fun! Enough said. Now, that we have clarified that point, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite Riverside Reindeer costumes: