What to look for when buying your next pair of running shoes

Finding the right running shoe in a world of running shoes   Buying a new pair of running shoes is a big commitment. Not only are you signing on for a 500+ mile relationship—at around $120 a pair, you want something that fits well, is comfortable and most importantly, makes you feel good while pounding. . .

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Palos Verdes Saucony Hill Challenge

A Race Within a Race!   NEW! Adding to the challenge of the hilly Palos Verdes course, LaceUp is adding a race within the race, giving runners a chance to compete for the fastest time on the half marathon course’s most difficult climb. Win $500, a new pair of Saucony shoes, and the title of King. . .

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Saucony: Get Fit with Molly Huddle’s Olympic Workout

By: Molly Huddle Courtesy of LaceUp presenting sponsor, Saucony Molly Huddle is a 2012 Olympian and the American record holder for 5,000-meters (14:42.64). So whose training could be better to emulate when trying to lower your 5K personal best? Molly shares her favorite workout, a staple as she prepared for her Olympic performance. On the Track:. . .

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