Earth Day is the perfect time to evaluate your impact on the environment. Fortunately, as a runner there are so many small changes you can make to do your part. Check out these 5 tips to start “running green.” There’s no better day to start.

1 – Leave It How You Found It

Making the effort to clean up after yourself can go a long way. Stash your energy gel wrapper until you get to a trash can. Don’t leave something behind thinking someone else will pick it up. You can even take it one step further and pick up items littering the trail or road. It’s that simple to keep your running routes happy and healthy.

2 – Reduce Your Impact

We totally understand. Single-use items are easy. It’s convenient to grab a full plastic water bottle before you take off for a run. Taking a few extra minutes to fill up a reusable water bottle can make a big difference.You’ll save money by using tap-water and help reduce unnecessary waste in landfills.

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3 – Run! (Or Walk)

It’s already something you enjoy, so why not make it a different part of your daily routine. If you’re meeting friends nearby or your work commute is close to home, consider leaving your car and getting there on foot. Instead of driving to the park, find a new route from your house. You might just find a new favorite run.

4 – Don’t Toss Your Shoes

Don’t just throw your old running shoes in the trash. Donate, recycle or reuse them! Find a charity that finds a new home for your gently used shoes, keep them to mow the lawn or for muddy days on the trails or find a creative way to reuse them.


5 – Speak Up

Now that you have the tools to make a difference, help your fellow runners do the same! Gift your running buddies reusable water bottles. Suggest a running commute with one of your coworkers. Collect old running shoes from friends and family to donate or recycle. Using your voice can make a big impact in reducing the impact of runners in your community.