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Yay! The holidays are here. [Groan. Sigh. Double groan.]

While most of us embrace the holidays with open arms, some of us don’t. Why? Because it is so easy to get side-tracked from our fitness during the crazy, turkey-filled,  eggnog-infused, reindeer-decked days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

We always start out with the best of intentions – training like maniacs during the summer, signing up for races like LaceUp in the fall, only to get “sabotaged” as soon as someone says “gobble, gobble.”

Here are some tried and true ways to help you (yes, you!) stay on track with your fitness this holiday season:

Set smaller goals. So you usually head out for a one-hour run at the very least every other day. Break it up into two shorter runs, in between shopping trips and meeting those work deadlines. Or aim for a different, shorter workout at the gym or at home and don’t beat yourself up for it.

Strategize before heading out. Is your social calendar as full as everyone else’s? Eat a healthy snack before heading to your office party so you’re not tempted to devour the platter of dark chocolate pretzels or that plate of pie. Same rule applies to alcohol. Hydrate before leaving the house and set your limits.

Enlist the help of friends and family to keep you accountable. Some people do better when they enlist the help of a village. I do! Schedule runs or walks with your neighbor or family member. Hold each other accountable. I once trained with a friend who paid me $5 every time she would cancel. She didn’t like the fact that my bank account was happier and hers was not so she stepped up and started showing up.

Join a challenge or a contest. If your village isn’t quite enough, make it public. Join a Facebook group that is hosting a challenge or a contest. There are many that don’t cost anything. Then announce that you joined. Talk about accountability.

Look beyond the holidays. Find something – a race, a walk, a challenge, after the holidays. Then work towards that goal. Encircle the date on your calendar.  Put the flyer on your fridge or on your computer wallpaper. Every time you feel yourself falling off the wagon, envision yourself completing it.

Happy holidays y’all!