Get Movin’ with Mira: Road (Out) Rage

Get movin’ with Mira Reverente, LaceUp’s blogger. Ventura-based Reverente is an enthusiastic runner having completed 20 marathons and ultra-marathons. She will be blogging once a month through December, bringing you stories of inspiring runners, insider info about the series, running humor, tips, news—you name it. Tune in. By Mira Reverente If you’ve done a number of road races,. . .

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Sweet Potato Bites: Stay Strong With These Pre-Race Meals

Words: Allie Fisher   Allie Fisher is an Orange County-based runner who loves the half marathon and 10K distance. When she’s not running, she’s sharing her healthy recipes and restaurant reviews on her food blog, Sweet Potato Bites. It’s Friday night. Instead of going out for happy hour, you are staring blankly into your fridge trying to. . .

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